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A Q&A about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

August 19, 2011

As a leading provider of computer equipment, peripherals, business technology, and consumer electronics, Canada’s Shark Systems regularly supplies individuals and businesses with all the components they need to use VoIP technology for their telecommunications needs.

Q: How does VoIP work?
A: VoIP systems convert sounds and voices into digital information, which can be sent over the Internet. This information can then be received by a computer or another VoIP phone at its destination or be converted back into a regular telephone signal if the recipient is using a traditional telephone. VoIP calls can be placed directly from a computer, but many users choose the convenience of a traditional telephone equipped with a phone adapter or a VoIP-enabled phone. Using a phone adapter creates a user experience nearly identical to that of a traditional phone system.

Q: What are a few advantages to VoIP calling?
A: VoIP can be less expensive than traditional telephone service, depending on what you use it for and how fast your existing Internet connection is. It can also allow individuals or businesses to conduct conference calls more easily through the use of VoIP conference phones.

Q: How much does VoIP cost?
A: Charges for VoIP vary by service provider. If you do not already have a sufficiently fast connection to the Internet, you may need to get a new contract or upgrade your existing service. Some VoIP providers offer their services for free when you call other members but charge to call outside numbers. If you already have a high-speed Internet connection, using a VoIP service may allow you to forego a traditional telephone line.

Q: What equipment is necessary?
A: To use VoIP for placing calls, a high-speed Internet connection is essential. This connection can be obtained through DSL, a cable modem, or another source. Users will also need a computer, phone adapter, or specialized phone to connect to the Internet. Some services require specific equipment, so be sure to check with your provider to see what it recommends.

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